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Book of Laws


Personal Injuiry

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip & Falls, Workers Compensation

No one thinks it will happen to them – a bad car accident or some other injury that wasn’t your fault. The medical bills are quickly adding up, and you don’t know what’s a fair settlement value for your injuries – or even if you even know the extent of your injuries. The stress of it can be overwhelming. We help folks just like you navigate through the maze of the insurance claims process and, when it’s necessary, to file a lawsuit and see it through to the end.   If you’ve been hurt and need help, let us advocate for you.

Family always comes first. Most folks will aggressively protect their family if anything threatens to change those expectations. Our family courts and state and federal laws provide guidance for resolving family conflict, protecting children, and providing remedies for many problems families may face. Understanding what options you have under the law gives you the knowledge to better understand what is happening, puts you in the driver's seat, and can help reduce the stress involved in your case. We provides guidance, solutions, and advocacy and in all areas of family law. Our approach is to establish expectations based on the evidence that can be presented to court and pursue every opportunity available to protect your family’s interests.

Divorce, Child Custody & Visitation, Child Support Enforcement/Modification, Adoption, and Defense against Dept. of Juvenile Justice and Dept. of Social Services

Family Law 

Criminal Defense

DUI, Drug Charges, Minor in Possession, Criminal Domestic Violence, Etc. 

Every criminal defense case is unique. We understand that your case involves a detailed narrative and a much larger individual backstory than what may be contained in the actual charges. When defending clients against criminal charges, we will take time to learn your unique story. We will perform a comprehensive investigation into the evidence of the charges and the reliability and strength of the evidence that may be used against you. If necessary, we will utilize the assistance of private investigators or other experts to obtain and evaluate evidence. We will stand beside you to present the strongest, clearest picture of your defense and will strive to make sure the court upholds your constitutional protections and the laws of procedure and evidence that protect your rights.

Civil Litigation

Whether defending against pending lawsuits or pursuing a remedy on behalf of those who have been harmed or wronged, we offer practical yet creative  representation. We are seasoned litigators and advocates dedicated to representing individuals and businesses in a variety of cases, including jury and non-jury trials in state and federal civil courts.

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